Returns & Warranty

1. Definitions and interpretation

1.1. Company – Agile Tech, UAB, legal entity code 304691080, Ukmergės g. 364-49, 14188, Vilnius, Lithuania;
1.2. Client – any natural person whose capacity is not limited by court and who under the applicable law can conclude the Agreement;
1.3. Goods – products distributed by the Company, which it sells to the Client.

2. Quality and warranty

2.1. The characteristics of the Goods are indicated in the descriptions attached to the Goods. The Goods are considered to be of suitable quality if it corresponds to the description provided with them; fit for the purpose for which such Goods are normally used; corresponds to the quality indicators that apply to this type of Goods.
2.2. Neither the Client nor the Company is responsible for the fact that the Goods may not match the actual parameters in their color, weight, shape, or other parameters due to the technical means used by the Client. Product photos are for illustrative and indicative purposes only. All the characteristics of the Goods may look different than in reality due to their visual characteristics, so in all cases (prior to the purchase of the Goods) please refer to the Goods descriptions.
2.3. The Goods sold by the Company are covered by a 2 (two) year manufacturer's warranty. The warranty applies starting from the moment of the delivery of the Goods and also to defects that existed before the delivery of the Goods (including hidden defects).
2.4. A contractual warranty of quality shall be provided for the additional fee which shall accompany the description of the Goods. In each such case, the choice of such warranty requires the Client to express his will when making the order.

3. Returns

3.1. Defects in the sold Goods are eliminated, low-quality Goods are replaced, returned in accordance with the procedure established below and considering the requirements of legal acts.
3.2. For replacement/repair/return of low-quality Goods, the Client must contact the Company. Exchange/repair/return of Goods is discussed individually in each case. In the case of defective Goods, the Client is not responsible for the costs of replacing/repairing/returning the Goods.
3.3. The Client can exercise the right to return low-quality Goods within the term of the warranty specified in the Goods purchase document and indicated by the Company. The warranty of the Goods in all cases is at least 2 (two) years from the date of receipt of the Goods.
3.4. In order to return the low-quality Goods, the Client must notify the Company about the non-compliance with the Goods’ quality requirements no later than 2 (two) months from the date of detection of the non-compliance.
3.5. If the Client has purchased low-quality Goods, or the low-quality Goods is manifested by a manufacturing defect that was present at the time of purchase, or non-compliance with the indicators of such Goods, the Client may return the Goods and, at his will, may demand:
3.5.1. for the Company to eliminate the defects of the Goods free of charge within a reasonable period of time, if the defects can be eliminated;
3.5.2. to reduce the purchase price accordingly;
3.5.3. for the Goods to be replaced with an analogous Goods of suitable quality, except in cases where the defects are minor or were caused by the Client's fault;
3.5.4. refund the paid price and cancel the Agreement when the sale of Goods of inappropriate quality is a fundamental violation of the order.
3.6. The Company has the right to refuse to repair or replace the Goods if it is impossible to do so or if it would cause the Company to incur disproportionate costs, considering all the circumstances, including:
3.6.1. the value of the product, if the product has no defects;
3.6.2. the significance of product defects (non-conformity);
3.6.3. whether applying a different requirement would not cause inconvenience to the consumer.
3.7. Money is not returned for those Goods that have been damaged intentionally or due to negligence, or if the rules of use or storage have been violated, or the Goods have been used improperly, not for their intended purpose.
3.8. The Client can return low-quality Goods within the term of the manufacturers or contractual warranty set in the Goods purchase document, which in all cases is at least 2 (two) years.
3.9. The notification regarding the return of the Goods must be sent by e-mail support@techfibrr.com together with the document of purchase of the Goods. The Client must cover the direct costs of returning the Goods.
3.10. The Client must return Goods by sending them to the following address: Ukmergės g. 364-49, 14188, Vilnius, Lithuania.
3.11. When returning the Goods, the Client must provide the correct address and pack the Goods so that they will not be damaged during shipping. The Company is not responsible for Goods that were sent by the Client in improper packaging, without specifying the address or specifying it incorrectly, as well as if the parcels were lost or damaged during the return.
3.12. Money for the Goods is returned immediately, but no later than 14 days from the day of returning the Goods to the Company. The money is returned in the same way that the Client paid for the Goods when purchasing them unless the Company and the Client agree on a different method of return.
3.13. The Client does not have the right to withdraw from the Agreement if the defect is minor.